Another RFID project from the Past

When I first got my RFID implant, the first thing I wanted to do was to RFID enable my car but I wanted to do more than just unlock the doors.  I set out to create a 3 point immobilizer as well as control the central locking.  The cool thing with having an implant as your key is well, you can never lock your keys in your car!  With that in mind, this also has the ability to have ‘passive lock’ but this was something I never really perfected in the code. It works (selectable) but it was too procedural in that you have to unlock car, start, run, stop, open door, close door and then after 3 seconds it would lock automatically.  I tried it for a while but while somewhat cool, it had some annoyances so i disabled it again.

The project is based on a PIC16f681 and coded in PicBasic pro and uses the ID-12 chip from Innovations.  The setup cost for this is probably in the mark of $100+.  The code works fine as-is.  In fact this is the exact setup that is in my car now but if i had to do it again, I’d probably start with an Arduino Nano and work from there.  Things are just much easier in Arduino land than Microchip Pic.

Provided as is – I will not change this code but hey,  feel free to do it yourself. I might be able to offer some info but this was written in 2010 so it might as well be someone else’s code to me by now. There is a couple of  missing links in the PCB as seen by the link wires in the photo.

If you don’t have a Pic programmer, I recommend the RCD Programmer and PicProg4U

Downloads:  PicBasic Source, compiled HEX, Eagle PCB, Eagle Schematic

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