Shifter update

My shifter is almost complete now.  All the mechanics of it have been done, just the electrics left.

The pictures are pretty self explainatory but i’ll explain how it works.

The first collet on the shifter shaft is staic and held by a grub screw.  The spring then exerts force against the delrin block supporting the skate bearings.  The block is free to move over the shaft.  This part gives the ‘clunk into gear’ feel.  Underneath the the rod end is a slightly cupped out thick ‘washer’ and then that’s followed by another static collet.  The spring force is also excerted on the washer and then the body of the rod end.  This means that when the shaft is moved off center, the washer falcrums on the body of the rod end and pulls the shaft down against the spring, this keeps it centered.  This combined with the gates on the bottom of the shifter gives it a very real feel.  I still have to put a slight concave in the neutral position although it is not stirctly needed as the spring is just about enough to give some more resistance, just before falling over the edge onto the ‘in gear’ ramp.

The plan for the electrics is to have a dual personality 6th gear.  There will be a toggle switch to make it either reverse or 6th.  Therefore in normal 5 speed boxes it will be reverse but in 6 speeds i can use it as 6th but flick a switch and it will be reverse.

p3280032_sml p3280034_sml p3280033_sml

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