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Moving forward

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Ok so over the last couple of weeks i’ve been tinkering with the boat trying to get some more speed out of it.  With the 280 prop and some luck we got a really good run out of it with some decent speeds.  Unfortunately on that run the exhaust cracked from vibration for the second time.  I decided that i’d take the oppotunity to now make a new pipe that was tuned for this engine’s port timings as well as reduce the power band for the pipe by about 1500 revs (bringing it to about 8500 rpm).  I also decided on a flexible silicone coupling.  The new pipe is all stainless too.

The first vid is slightly older and it was getting along better than in the second one…

 The radio box keeps getting water in it so i’ve got to make a new one of them too.  Hopefully soon i’ll be giving it a shot with the new pipe and some more tinkering it should get moving nicely..